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3 Mice

Today we want to present to your attention a new fun and exciting game 3 Mice. In it, we introduce ourselves to you with three little mouse. They are brothers and live together a large and happy family. All of their initiatives, they used to do together. How is walking through the forest, they fell into the pit and fell into the tangled maze. Now they need to find a way out of here. You will help them with it and find a way to freedom. On the way you will meet a variety of dangers and pitfalls that you need to get around and not get into them. If this happens then our cheerful take perish. So be careful and accurate. If you can not get around the trap, try to use the scattered boxes. They can move and they can help you close the trap. Just remember that management is just three characters, so watch what they were at the same time and keep up with each other. Passing a location for the location you will earn points and collect various bonuses that will help you along the way and can provide short-term gain. Remember that the life and liberty of our little hero is up to you. Mice Game 3 has a pretty interesting story. All players start playing it will not be able to break away for a moment did not take place until all the challenging levels of the game. Open 3 Mice on our website and embarks on adventures of three brothers mice.
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