Game 3 Keys Solitaire online

Game 3 Keys Solitaire

Game 3 Keys Solitaire online.

Spend your free time for the layout of our solitaire 3 Keys Solitaire. Rest with the help of solving card puzzles is widespread since the time when there was not only not mobile phones but also electricity as such. Our ancestors played patience with candlelight and a great time. Your conditions are much more comfortable, our patience you can open in any of the mobile carriers, and play wherever you want. We offer you an original puzzle game, not like a long time ago you familiar Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, but combines in itself the rules of several classic solitaire. We hope you are interested in, and now let me introduce you to the rules in 3 Keys Solitaire. The task - to open three locks, located at the top right of the screen. Downstairs on the main field is laid out piles, where the hidden keys. From the deck of the left lay a card on it lay the card rank above or below the unit. To do this, open the card is taken from the bottom of the piles. In an extreme case, you can use the Joker, which will replace any card in Game 3 Keys Solitaire.