Game Bubble Pop Adventures online

Game Bubble Pop Adventures

Game Bubble Pop Adventures online.

Meet the fun magic mushroom in the game Bubble Pop Adventures. He has long been living in the woods on the mushroom house in a secluded place with his numerous children and getting along with all forest dwellers. About his wisdom is known for many miles and beyond the forest, to the mushroom come for advice and for medicinal potions. But recently a witch settled at the edge of the forest, and confusion and vacillation began in the forest. The old woman dissolved intrigues, sowed enmity, she wanted to rule forest residents, only the mushroom prevented her from turning around. And then the villain decided to get rid of him. With the help of magic and magic, she created a black cloud and sent it to the mycelium. On arrival, the cloud set off on the ground, enveloped everything in an impenetrable fog, and when it rose, all the mushroom babies were caught in it high above the ground. Everyone realized who this was and was trying to get the witch to spoil the kids, but she, fearing reprisal, quickly escaped. Mushroom decided to destroy the cloud on his own, but his strength was enough only to turn it into a bunch of colorful bubbles. Now it's up to you, go to the game Bubble Pop Adventures and help the unfortunate father to rescue the kids. Throw the colored balls over the bubbles, if three or more of the same color collects together, they will burst and the kids will be released.