Game Jewel Bubbles 3 online

Game Jewel Bubbles 3

Jewel Bubbles 3

Game Jewel Bubbles 3 - classic puzzle genre three in a row, the most popular in the gaming world. This time you will earn on a virtual field of multi-colored crystals of rare forms and colors. Each gem is located in a transparent bubble that nothing spoiled beauty. To pick up a shimmering stones, build a line of three or more identical elements, it will destroy the bubbles and will give the opportunity to pick the precious crystals. For the construction of columns and rows, and change places stones. If you manage to build a line of four or more gems will be shining a bonus, you will also be able to put in a row and will destroy a large batch at once. To successfully complete a level in the game Jewel Bubbles 3 - dial the required number of points, and remember this time limit. It would seem that it is easier to: rearrange elements of places, building a line of three identical elements, but the toy is so exciting that the time flies by quickly. Besides the ability to play on any mobile devices thanks to HTML5 language, allows you to make the game accessible to a wider user. There is no need to sit at home, buried in a monitor, play outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, in transport, on the break and where you feel comfortable. Colorful design Jewel Bubbles 3 will satisfy your needs, it's nice to look at the sparkle of jewelry and feel fabulously wealthy, having before it a scattering of precious stones and the possibility of pick up, thanks to his own wit and dexterity.
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