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Game Mahjong Fortuna

Mahjong Fortuna

The presence of a huge number of games in the virtual space sometimes gets into a stupor. If you have not decided on preferences, you do not know what you want, play mahjong and select for this game Mahjong Fortuna. Adder has long classical Chinese board game into a virtual world game in new genre and has acquired a completely different shape. On the tiles you will find not only the traditional characters, but also images, figures, images, even animated, celebrity photos. Mahjong Solitaire and concluded a successful alliance that has been so good that it has been recognized and has become very popular. But let's get back to our game MahJong Fortuna and examine it in detail. Our mahjong not accidentally called Fortuna, on rectangular tiles are pictures of the symbols of the horoscope you a variety of ways: images or icons, numbers. Subject puzzle associated with the predictions, fortune telling, if you will be able to remove from the field all the tiles by finding matching pairs, you will surely be accompanied by good luck and fortune will smile to you. While searching for two identical elements, be aware that some couples are made within the meaning of, and not necessarily by their appearance, for example - the seasons. In the instructions before the game you will find what tiles can be combined. Game Mahjong Fortuna distinguishes these games from a clear colorful graphics, nice background, beautiful musical accompaniment. Remember that time to solve puzzles limited to, the right of the vertical bar is located scale, which gradually decreases. Play online in any media, and enjoy anytime, anywhere.
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