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Online Games Kiko of cute rabbit, which play for free so like children. Like all rabbits, Kiko big fidget, love sporting games are always fun and naughty. The more help him find the treats, the happier he will be.

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Igry Kiko with nimble krolikom

Kiko Games Open Action Game Kiko to play around with funny little pet rabbit Bloom with tousled bangs. This animal has received the girl's parents, and he became a favorite of the fairies Winx:

  • Flory
  • Tekny
  • Stelly
  • Muzy
  • Blum

U girls Fairies Pixie also has helpers. This tiny winged creatures like naughty and misbehave. Once in the pixies transformed and Kiko. Now he, too, were the wings and super power, thanks to which he simply raises great mountain fruit. But it consumes power not only to this. Rabbit is so fond hostess that protects it from the monsters, which are constantly fighting fairies and little growth it is not a hindrance.


Carrot Adventure

Everybody knows what rabbits eat sweet, crisp, juicy carrot. Behind her Kiko ready to follow everywhere, even if he knows about the dangers that lie in wait on the road. The main game Winx Kiko Action theme is reduced to the pursuit of attractive fruit.

  • Brodilki
  • Prygalki
  • Priklyucheniya
  • Uhod for Kiko

Kiko Games Kiko Games Rabbit surprising dexterity, agility, courage and ingenuity. Yet it is curious that not only brings trouble, but also helps him escape.
Kid studied the open spaces, and once got into an unusual world where everyone has a few reflections. It is unnerving and scary, but not so much that he lost his head. The main time to make the legs, and get away from a dangerous place, and if you see the monster, jump on top of him, and he turned into smoke.

Adventure Games Kiko carrot continue to develop the theme. Juicy vegetable rabbit gives strength for new adventures. If Bloom said that for her next spell will need stars, Kiko will produce them with reserve. Jumping through the levels, he rushes on all legs, bouncing up and down below, in order not to miss a single artifact. Of course, will be obstacles and enemies, and even poisonous plants, trying to adjust the trap, but he knows how to deal with them.

hostess lovingly refers to his pet, and he pays her to reciprocate. Between them was adjusted mental connection, and once Kiko felt Bloom need his help. Girl and rabbit divides a large space, but a quick Kiko is on the way, but first he must pass a busy highway along which cars race. Expectant convenient time playing games Kiko to move forward slightly until the road will not be back. After that overcome one more obstacle noisy river. Go it can only be on the floating logs, and even unreliable support, under your leadership, Kiko cope.

Porezvimsya and then otdohnem


Igry for girls offer a break from the bustle and frolic for pleasure. All kids love to have fun, but because Kiko frequents the favorite places:

  • Attraktsiony
  • Kafe
  • Detskuyu ploschadku
  • Plyazh

Na shore, build a sand castle with him and swim with the terms of the waves. In his room, arrange the furniture, but if you click on a bed or a chair, the rabbit would be there. On the playground, he meets friends in cafes and waiting for him favorite salad with carrot.

After playing in the game Kiko for free, go to the rabbit children's room, and lay your pet to sleep. His eyes closed, but before he wants to sleep several minutes attention. Treat his last carrot, offer ball, teddy bear, cubes, soap bubbles, and then fly pixie with the magic wand, and Kiko nakolduyet for the sweetest sleep. Now it's time to close the eyes and sink into sweet dreams.

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