Hut Defense games

Hut Defense games

If you are attacked, you need to defend yourself. Any means will do, but more specifically they will tell Hut Defense games online of the hut. While you play, you will be available to various tricks, in order to effectively defeat the strangers. When the forces of conventional weapons are already scarce, learn magic, and with the help of spells control powerful hurricanes, downpours, rockfalls, directing their destroying power to the enemy army. Build huts in which you can hire armed forces, and then direct them to protect the path or throw in the attack. Support your strength magic chest, which stores bonuses.
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Hut Defense games: the whole life fight

Hut Defense games online Easy to manage, with a fascinating storyline, designed in an excellent graphics Hut Defense games quickly captures your attention. This is a vivid example of a well-developed strategy, performed in the famous and popular direction of"tower defense."

In the menu, players are offered a huge arsenal of different tools for a successful mission. The windows are opened gradually, as you progress through the locations and levels. The most interesting thing is that gamers can choose the serial number of the next location, but since the higher the number, the more difficult the passage, we would recommend to move naturally, starting from the very beginning.

Process of passage will be long and fruitful, because for your enjoyment in the scenario of the game, the defense of the hut is:

  • 18 characters involved in the defense
  • 60 game levels
  • 17 different locations
  • More than 150 built-in game improvements

We make and fight off enemy attacks

Hut Defense games online Your main task is not to let someone else's army pass through your territory. Stop it at any cost, each time increasing the number of troops with soldiers with different skills. If you can not keep the enemy, defeat and destroy him, and he will be able to pass through your lands to the very end, this round will be lost.

This will not happen if the timely take care of the construction of protective and production buildings. When the structure is installed on the point allocated to it, it has a menu in which you can select the function you are interested in. The protective function of the structure attacks the enemy, and the production allows the hiring of soldiers. However, we must remember that buildings have their own limit, and this must be taken into account.

Any whim is feasible if there is a cash

Although the defense of the hut is rich in variety, all kinds of useful things can be obtained only if there is a sonorous coin. How to earn it? As usual, destroying enemy forces. However, bonus rewards are also envisaged, which can be found in chests placed at all levels. Taking advantage of his gifts, we must wait until the scale is green again, and only then turn to him again.

Bonuses received must be allowed for development:

  • Updating buildings on the basis of
  • Opening of new buildings
  • Learning the spells
  • Making the elements of nature

Hut Defense games online As you can guess, the scenario of the Hut Defense games provides for the gradual emergence of new complexities, and the main enemy is the one who tirelessly attacks you, becomes stronger, more numerous, more brazen and more skilled. You also need to constantly develop to not just match the enemy in strength, but exceed it. During the battle, you can also choose an attack or defense mode, and your army will instantly obey your command, which you give through the hut menu, in which a particular squad was created.

Since during the clash your soldiers also die, new forces must be sent to their place. Open the chest with gold, manna and provisions so that you can hire new soldiers.

In the following versions of the toy, you can use firearms, magic and control the forces of nature. To do this, the huts are more advanced, and they will appear at a certain point, when you pass several levels of play. Later, other structures will appear, among them wooden and even stone, and each has its own special surprise. Soon you can water the enemy with rockfalls, throw lightning, hail, lead deadly tornadoes and squall winds.

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