Age Of Defense games

Age Of Defense games

Free Age Of Defense games will guide players through all stages of human development, from the Stone Age to modern times and not only in the real world, but also in the fictional one. Total released eight parts, they are somewhat different. In some users will protect their homes from uninvited guests. In the other game lovers will like to calculate tactics and strategy. The tactics of creating an army, and the strategy of seizing uncontrolled lands. Players will be able to absolutely free to visit Ancient Egypt and Rome, protect the planet from monsters and see how civilization developed until the advent of aviation and a nuclear bomb.
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Age Of Defense games: Excursion into history

Age Of Defense games online A whole cycle of a dozen variants of the Age Of Defense games has been released. This is a fascinating and informative adventure, long in the whole history of human existence. Researchers are not aware of periods of people's lives, when there would be no war, or internecine feuds. People are so arranged that they definitely need to take possession of what the neighbor has.

The first part confirms the above theory. In ancient times, one man found himself a cave on a hill with a beautiful view. There he settled. His solitude haunted others. The conquerors were heading towards the cave of a peaceful man in order to drive him out of the house, but fortunately in the mountain massif the boulders did not end, which he, under the strict guidance of the players, dumps on the head to not invited guests. Age Of Defense games online

Time went on, people invented various tools and lethal weapons. Stones and clubs changed bows with arrows, and after they invented gunpowder, here it went guns, machine guns, bombs, and so on. But nothing changed, the man lived in his cave, and the neighbors continued to attack.

Free Age Of Defense games relished users to taste. The authors, seeking to maintain interest, have released eight parts of the game. Each next one is more difficult than the previous one, so it is better to train to survive, starting from the first. Players who do not want to deal with the difficulties and vicissitudes of fate, can choose the version with cheats, so pressing one key will solve all the problems of the hero.

All variants of the Age Of Defense games, they do not need to be set to find out how the next part differs from the previous one. You just need to click on the game you like and wait a couple of seconds. Entertainment begins.

Differences in Age Of Defense games

For the first time, two parts lead the player through the entire history of the development of mankind with a single hero; he has been protecting his own house for centuries. First, boulders, then shooting at long distances.

Third part, changes the rules. There is no longer just one hero. Neighbors live opposite each other and cannot coexist peacefully. As in the previous parts of the story begins with the Stone Age. Player available from the beginning:

  • Neanderthals, weak but fast;
  • Strong men with a cudgel, slow and very strong;
  • Advanced cavemen with a slingshot.

Age Of Defense games online They are capable of hitting enemies at a distance, but die immediately in the melee. As civilization develops, restless neighbors rebuild locks and modernize weapons, but do not learn to live peacefully. In this part, players will have to build a strategy choosing warriors. Funds are limited.

In the fourth part of the Age Of Defense to play the game will appeal to those who are upset that in the third part the rules have changed. This version is like the first two, but more dynamic and complex.

The fifth game is already a real strategy. Here players see a map of peaceful cities. Starting with the enemy from different points, the task is to take control of a large territory. The army is developing in the game due to the number and technology.

In the sixth part there was a real apocalypse and terrible monsters and monsters captured the earth. The person near the cave managed to survive, maybe the civilization developed according to the well-known scenario only because he was able to win this battle. The seventh and eighth versions are different enemies, they have a place of magic and sorcery.

В games Time protection for free to play like children and adults, this is a very good opportunity to remember the story, and at the same time great fun and a break from everyday worries and problems. In the game, high-quality graphics and sound, pleasantly spent time, guaranteed.

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