Empire Defender games

Empire Defender games

Opening the free Empire Defender games online, you go to play, defending the possessions that lie behind the stone wall. Only one soldier was not afraid to challenge the army of evil spirits: skeletons, one-eyed goblins, toads with thorns and other scarecrows. The enemy is well armed and protected by armor, but you also have a good arsenal of weapons, however, it opens gradually. Try not to admit the enemy to the walls of the fortification, otherwise monsters will begin to cut them, destroying with each blow of the ax more and more. Throw in strangers stones, thorns, fire and find the most powerful magic on them.
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Empire Defender games: the army is waiting for you!

A strong state always causes fear among neighbors. As soon as it strengthens its troops and scientific base, enemy forces gather armies to violate foreign borders. To the defensive walls first weak warriors come armed with light weapons, but as soon as they meet a worthy rebuff, there is an immediate increase in power, and now you have to double your own forces in order to effectively resist the enemy. This is how events develop during the Empire Defender games.

You will become that glorious general who is ready to lead the army, and stand up against the enemy throughout the series that are included in the rubric. You have the honor to strengthen the defensive structure, to purchase advanced weapons, to raise the level of skill of your army. To resist the aggression of strangers, you have:

  • The variety of weapons
  • Effective traps

Magic spells Passing levels, you get the opportunity to pump almost everything that is in the perimeter, and for this purpose, as many as 86 parameters are provided. As for management, there are no surprises here:

  • Mouse sight and shoot
  • You can also shoot with a space
  • Keys 1-6 select weapons
  • QWEYRT buttons select traps
  • SDHFG buttons select the spell

Not afraid of evil force

Empire Defender games online The players are not accustomed to the aggressor, which is different from the human race. During the Empire Defender games, you will encounter skeletons, orcs, goblins, toads and other monsters that by all laws of nature should not exist. And yet before you is the fact that representatives of the other world do not just walk, but purposefully act. They are trying to capture your possessions, and only courage, courage and a proven strategy will help you survive. Weapons and other means are also very useful, and it's great that you have them in great variety. Empire Defender games online

Assortment of weapons, magic and other useful Empire Defender games will open gradually. To do this, you only need to play, moving along the levels, leaving on every mountain of corpses.

At first it's enough to throw stones to stop individual enemies slowly hobbling to the castle walls. But soon the creatures stronger and more vicious will come to the aid of skeletons. They can also be thrown by boulders, but they can be dealt with more quickly if they are thrown with similar stones, only with spikes.

And one on the wall of the warrior

You see that the castle and the whole empire behind it, only one soldier defends. This is a brave warrior who deserves all the honors and honors that the king has. He alone resists the enemy army, switching between weapons, traps and spells.

But there are times when the enemy manages to get too close to the protective wall, and then we see how with every swing of the ax the wall begins to crumble. It is important not to allow complete collapse, focusing on the destruction of the barbarian.

After the next battle, you have a currency account. Earned money is rational to spend on the acquisition of new ammunition, which will more effectively destroy the forces of strangers.

In the game menu, the Defender of the Empire is a lot of useful items that you can buy and try everything in turn. Surely you will have favorite means for war, among which there are arrows, fireballs, hurricane winds, boomerangs, and other artifacts.

This is a great strategy for not only for boys. Girls also like to play in similar products, where you need accuracy, dexterity, quick reaction.

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