Gear of defense games

Gear of defense games

Imagine yourself an astronaut, and you will find yourself on a distant planet, where there is a lot of work to clean up the territory. Open a free online Gear of defense games to play a terrific strategy. They look creepy, and clearly disposed unfriendly. At first you only have a small pistol in order to deter an attack. With such a machine, you can already fight! The enemy has abandoned his strategic forces, and before you are the real giants!
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Gear of defense games: the space base sends a signal SOS

Starting the conquest of space, a person hopes to meet with intelligent beings. Well, well, even if not entirely reasonable, or even just primitive, but something alive. So I want to know that we are not alone in the universe, and that somewhere there is a planet suitable for life. It is not a fact, of course, that its conditions will suit a person, but people of science would have to do many decades studying the secrets of a distant planet.

Gear of defense games online This has not happened yet, and we have to rejoice even in the microbes that scientists have discovered on Mars. However, progress leads us forward, and who knows when that significant contact with extraterrestrial civilization will happen. Perhaps this grandiose event will happen tomorrow, perhaps in a hundred years, but there is a possibility that it will never happen.

While the cosmonauts are flying to the stars, collecting soil samples and sending signals to all directions with our coordinates, the science fictionists have long created a world in which people cooperate and fight with humanoids and other kinds of life. On distant planets, space bases have been built, diplomatic relations and trade, exchange of resources and knowledge have been established. But since not all living beings are positive, war has not been avoided.

Before you a rubric that contains a complete collection of game series gear of defense. Having opened them, you will get to the alien station, which is attacked by just such aggressive creatures. Astronauts did not expect such a collision, and therefore were not prepared. They have too few weapons, and to deter the enemy, we have to wait for new supplies from Earth. In the meantime, we have to fight back, hoping for the best. But there are more extraterrestrial slugs, their army is growing, they are armed and poisonous. People's lives and the integrity of the base are under threat!

Fear who can!

Scripting Gear of defense games is a classic example of tower defense. You control a man armed with a small gun that can laugh more than do harm. But you still have not much to choose from, and you have to fight what is. If you hold out for a while, and will be able to repel the first few waves of enemy attack, you will have the means to buy new weapons. Gear of defense games online

Gear of defense games online There are no such creatures on the planet that attack the astronaut, and therefore it is difficult to say, the better to destroy them.

  • Keep the defenses, protecting the approaches to the base
  • Shoot at enemy soldiers
  • Do not let them come too close
  • Change the weapons available to you by switching keys 1 and 2
  • Mouse with the mouse
  • Buy new equipment

Learn Monsters

You can land a whole round of cartridges, and only after this disgusting slug will fall. The enemy of the Gear of defense games really looks like a slug. Especially it resembles a snail without a shell. Some are small, other individuals are larger, but there are real giants, and some even know how to levitate to soar through the air without wings. The more a creature, the harder it is to finish it off. We need a really strong weapon in order to deal with the aggressor. To do this after each level, go to the store, and buy rifles and submachine guns with slaughter cartridges. But even if you have a tri-barrel machine, you have to act quickly, otherwise slugs will get close to you and quickly destroy the wall on which you stand, and at the same time you. Open the Gear of defense games, and enjoy a great toy, which is enough for many evenings. Show the alien enemies that it's better not to quarrel with people if they want to remain unharmed, and adequately thinking.

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