Game Zombie Mission 1 online

Game Zombie Mission 1

Zombie Mission 1

Zombie Mission 1 online will tell you the story of two heroes - brother and sister, who are sent to save the world from the monstrous zombie threat. The walking dead have not lost all their minds, they have their own goal - to take over the whole world, and they understand that for it they need information and access to servers. Arm yourself with small arms and go to destroy the villains and take their records, which are stored on yellow diskettes. You need to collect them all on each level. Sometimes it will be necessary to solve simple puzzles to advance further in the story. Collect weapons and ammunition that you find, they will be very useful to you. Do not forget to monitor your health and replenish it in time. You can play both together and with a friend, because the characters are controlled by different keyboard buttons. You can equip them with different types of weapons and in the process combine the skills of your heroes so that they complement each other, then you can easily complete all levels in the Zombie Mission 1 play game.
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