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Game Rival Rush

Rival Rush

In the new game Rival Rush we'll dive into the world of roaring engines, speed and adrenaline. We would like to ever take part in the race at insane speeds on normal roads? Today you have a chance! Jack experienced driver who takes part in the races for money. We are to join him in this adventure. So, we would motorway with cars riding on it, and we need to shoot at him at speed, overtaking all the cars and come to the finish line first. Remember that everything about everything you have three attempts and if you can not, and will break three times, then you lose the round. With each new track speed and the number of interfering vehicles will increase. But we are confident that you will pass with flying colors all the tests and defeat the speed. If you want to invite your friends to play Rival Rush with you, organize a contest for the best player and rider, in general, just a good time!
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