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Game Endless Truck

Endless Truck

Seasoned web gamers difficult to surprise the races, they have seen their perevidel, but we still try and invite you to visit our game Endless Truck, where the usual race turns into an exciting adventure. Immediately warn you that your truck on the powerful wheels will overcome the track in splendid isolation, but you will appreciate it even, because in front of so many unexpected trials that one car will be close to the road. Get ready for the real test of your ability to react quickly to emerging obstacles. The speed of the car is almost supersonic, a little more and take off, but you give no scatter in hand wheels and the body, on the contrary - to make them more robust. The arrows at the bottom of the screen - for motion control, the space bar - jump. Jump over obstacles, it is not desirable to punch them. Collect the notes, they will be needed in the future. Racing in Endless Truck will bring you a lot of surprises, the road is full of surprises and wooden fence - not the only thing that will have to fly. There will be a high ramps, try to jump with them on four wheels. New levels will bring the next task, you will find them at the bottom right corner. Their implementation will bring you a reward, plus the money you collected on the road - get a certain amount of money that can be spent in the garage shop. Replace the body, pick up brand-new wheels, increase engine power, the volume of the fuel tank, strengthen bumper collision event with obstacles that do not have time to jump. Game Endless Truck - this race in 3D, you will not be able to break away from the control funny truck, realistic graphics captivating beauty and bright colors, drive on all mobile devices, a unique language writing toys allow you to take it with them wherever an internet connection is available. Enjoy the game.
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