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Game Thug Racer

Thug Racer

These drivers, as the characters in the game Thug Racer, periodically appear on the roads. They are not afraid of risk, guys want to experience the adrenaline rush on the highest level. To avoid irreparable happened, take it over. Heroes, do not seem to know what the brakes and how to use them, they saw a great track and pressed on the gas pedal and let you forget. The scenic road passes along the waterfront on the one hand a number of rare trees and buildings, and to the left is splashing surf. Racing on a crazy speed, do not turn on the sand track, separating the road from the pavement, you do not have time to recover, as the car be deployed in one hundred and eighty degrees, and at best, and at worst will crash with bad consequences. Thug Racer game for those who love racing, driving fast sports car, instantly react to emerging obstacles: steep turns and cars. If you hear a police siren, expect that you will likely attempt to forcibly stop. Cops do not like reckless, and even more offenders who may pose a threat to safety. Control of the game Thug Racer carried out with the mouse, if you are playing on a stationary computer or via touch screen if the touch control is provided as on mobile devices. Fans of racing, the game account, and for this it is necessary to play at least once. Do not listen to others' opinions and evaluations, trust your feelings.
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