Game Truck Trials online

Game Truck Trials

Game Truck Trials online.

In Truck Trials game we really tried and paved for you a unique track, hoping that you will not be able to pass it. Although the chance is still there, and you should use it. It includes a garage truck on huge wheels. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. The presence of powerful and voluminous wheel - it is an opportunity to pass on any surface that is not available to ordinary car. The disadvantage is the extreme instability of the machine, it can easily tip over if you react quickly, even a revolution can be used for the benefit and once again become a four-wheel drive. After passing a certain number of steps, you will have access to the new machine. Multiple travel on our highways leading trucks in complete disrepair, they urgently need to be replaced in the Truck Trials game. Another model is a little different from the previous one, but at least new. You are waiting for twenty fascinating levels and six cars that participate in the tests. The faster you walk the distance, the more bonus points you get. Collect the bags with the stars - it extra points in your piggy bank. Game Truck Trials - this boyish fun, and the girls who love extreme sports, like manage the huge machine, jumping over stones, wooden beams and abandoned vehicles. Enjoy excellent realistic graphics, adrenaline you provided.