Papa Louie games

Papa Louie games

Become respectable businessman during an online game Papa Louie, helping the hero to manage his multiple outlets: a pizzeria, burgernoy, trays with hot dogs, restaurant with Mexican cuisine and selling chicken wings, confectionery. Its large farms there over the job, and that you had the honor to play for free, worrying about profits in one of his companies. Louis valued image and wants customers were satisfied. And because it requires the slave speed and quality of execution of orders.

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Papa Louie games

Next, for the cause!

  Papa Louie – a large virtual entrepreneur, having a plurality of catering. Under its trademark work:

  • burgernye  
  • Pizzeria  
  • trays with hot dogs
  • cafe dessert
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • snack of chicken wings  

Free Games Papa Louie's start with the fact that the hero take a job in one of the establishments or Dad cunning knocks care of running their restaurant on a young and energetic person, and he has to master cooking and quality customer service. The first allows the visitor to understand the game principles.

Papa Louie games

Playing the game Papa Louie – you become a master of the kitchen

  Games Papa Louie offers handy tips how to take and to prepare the order. For example, if you take fry wings, clients will ask for a certain number and indicate with what sauce they would like them to eat what vegetables they need to arrange. Each order is recorded on a special sheet on which you will be able to do a reconciliation at the time of cooking. All these processes are performed in sequence in different parts of the kitchen:

  • Roasting takes place in a deep fryer – here you need to put in boiling oil as wings, as specified in the order, and to sustain them the right time, so they were not soggy and not overdone.  
  • Then the action moves to the Department for sauces. You add the seasoning ordered wings and spend a fair shake in a special boat, alone, following the directional arrow.  
  • At the end of the cooked meat should be put on a plate, place vegetables and additional seasonings. It is also necessary to do very clearly – wings, vegetables and bowls with sauces should be put on the dotted contours shown on the plate.  
  • When the order is fully ready, it can be submitted to the client.  

Papa Louie games In your eyes, he tries it, and then evaluates it as a percentage. Than happy visitors - the higher the score and the larger the tip, which is an important indicator: in fact they end up in wage hero, and then out of the money free games Papa online allow to improve the equipment, to buy new clothes, put extra furniture to decorate the restaurant posters, change the design registration. Not just the game for girls Papa Louie created by programmers – there are similar for boys and fun:  

  • Food  
  • Economic Strategy  
  • skill jobs

Sometimes there are games involving the Pope in unusual genres. For example, pizza cooked Pope, he came to life and began to attack people, and then tightened the Pope to the underworld, where he has to fight with pizzas, monsters, taming them and taking back to his pizzeria. With the participation of Papa Louie's games on our site are always very high quality and interesting – enjoy them!

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