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Bionicle games

Only in the battle, you can achieve the desired, but the outcome depends on the proportionality of the enemy. Here the six Toa – Bionicle mysteriously from distant universe. They are not to be envied, because malicious creature underwater underworld Barracks armed superweapon, poisonous spines, protected impenetrable armor and long for your blood. You have to play free online games Bionicle, going down to the bottom and get Masks Force Kanu. But you will act against not only the mutants Barracks and Pirraki and merciless with the Brotherhood. You will be challenged, and if we take it to be a serious battle by all means.

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Games Bionicle conquer players of any age

Bionicle games Bionicle games The idea belongs to the creators of the series Bionicle Lego. This action-figures robots that come lots tied to basic and continuing the story of the legend plot. The issue began in 2001, and in subsequent series was very stylish, the manner of appearance. The ideas laid down some basic types: « cans » They are the core of the series, and this includes the main characters; « pulses », a mini-releases with minor details, additions; « Titans » - It is the largest sets, which include transport and soldiers.

and was not surprised that it was later decided to produce comic books, movies and games Bionicle. There are even books for preschoolers, guides and encyclopedias, special collectible and educational books with stickers. Designer himself with these releases is designed for the young by 6-16 years. But it often happens that people adult was seriously addicted to collecting products for children. An example is the Barbie doll. And if older women admire, seeing new doll, so why men do not feel the Bionicle? Under the water column hiding Barracks world filled with horrific creatures with heavy armor dotted with poisonous spines, armed with special weapons. They are a terrible threat to all living creatures, and Bionikly down on Wednesday to attack them and collect artifacts power. Open Lego Bionicle games where the main character is armed with a spear and with it neutralizes the energy sphere, departing from the enemy guns. They can catch you at any time, suddenly appeared.

  • Harpoon Bionicle only able to shoot up, and it should be installed perpendicular to the surface. Consider the speed of movement and try to aim accurately.
  • If it so happens that the sphere touches you, you lose a part of life.  
  • The longer you stay in good health, the greater your score grows on points.  
  • And that harpoon fired at full strength, hold « gap » while giving up the scale.  

Bionicle games You will visit the island of Voya Nui to where villains and heroes came together in a fierce battle. Residents have lost an important artifact for them – Mask of Life. Cyborg She kidnapped Piraka and now threatens the island's aborigines oblivion, eternal darkness. But they have hope in the face of the brave heroes of the six Toa. They are fearless and resolute in its actions, and therefore sure to perform the entire company against the invaders.

brave soldiers

The boys love to play with robots and to show courage, but because the game Bionicle heroes will make a collection of their favorite virtual toys. Defeat the evil monsters, collect artifacts and produce equipment – It is only a small part of the job. With carrying tanks, with their help, you will develop an incredible speed to overtake the enemy. They will help deftly swim under water and change direction. Sometimes plants are also caught at a depth of poisonous, and even though our Bionikly seem invincible, better not come in contact with algae, and cut them, releasing a pass on the seabed. Get to know new weapons and strengthen the armor, the enemy did not find loopholes, and smite you in the « Achilles heel ». But if you think the fight will be just under the water, then you are in for a surprise – Bionikly as effectively operate in other environments. You are waiting for aerial and ground fighting, where the characters act swiftly and forcefully. Lego – truly unique designer and never ceases to amaze ideas. From it you can gather a lot of characters and worlds that come to life in computer serial versions, to diversify the game, making it the spark of life.

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