Game Squirrels vs Zombies online

Game Squirrels vs Zombies

Game Squirrels vs Zombies online.

The game Ardillas Vs Zombies we'll go with you in the depths of space. There's a planet lives a reasonable seed protein. For centuries, they were engaged in agriculture, studied various sciences - in short lived as we do. As the one of the scientists conducted experiments on improving fertilizer and something messed up with chemicals. When sprayed on the test field plane accidentally flew over the cemetery, and the drug was in the cemetery, and because of him dead come to life and turned into zombies. Now this horde of monsters moving to one of the settlements of the protein with the aim to wipe it off the map. Are you one of the officers of the army of the tribe, and now you have to organize the defense of the settlements. Your soldiers raked from the arsenal of special nuts, which when fired are able to kill monsters. Now your job is to put defensive squads in the way of following a zombie who receive your sector of fire and must destroy the enemy is still on the outskirts. For murder you will be given points. Also click on the stars appearing on the field they'll give you money. On them you can hire new recruits, as well as to explore new defensive structures. With each level the number of enemies will increase, and the monsters are varied. So you as the officer responsible for the defense will have to come up with your move. It will develop in you Talan strategist and intelligence
Game Ardillas Vs Zombies is a very cool gameplay, as well as funky graphics and music. Download it on any of your favorite devices, and just fun to spend time. Also, you can play it, and on the Internet. If you want to see your progress other then just go Registration. This will give you an opportunity to look at the success of other players and show their. Enjoy the game and pastime.