Game Vikings: War of Clans online

Game Vikings: War of Clans

Game Vikings: War of Clans online.

In the cold northern lands of Scandinavia, live hot guys with fiery hair and beards - Vikings. The hero of the game iPlayer: Vikings War of Clans - Jarl, and this is not an ordinary warrior, but the supreme ruler, leader, distinguished man. Usually the labels were the agents of the king and carried out government on his behalf on the ground. You have a real opportunity to demonstrate the skills and skills of a warrior, a builder’s strategist and a diplomat in one person. It seems almost impossible, but not here. Start small — develop your lands. A noble earl must take care of his subjects. The city needs the wise ruler’s firm hand. Resources will be required: wood, silver, iron, stone and gold reserves. To increase their production, build the appropriate buildings. Near each building will be an employee and perform certain actions. By them you will immediately understand what is produced in this place. A yarl who wants to go down in history should not only be strong, but also have different knowledge. The wise Oracle provided a variety of Knowledge. If you study them, the city will significantly strengthen its position, and the army will become stronger. If your plans are ambitious, you don’t make them alone, so the game encourages the creation of clans. In the same clan can be up to hundreds of players, or even more if you improve the Citadel. The clan has its own motto, emblem and a certain hierarchical structure in ascending order: private, warrior, general, elder, leader. Together with your allies, you can successfully raid the common enemy and defeat him. A useful thing is to exchange resources, someone has more metal, and you are rich in wood. Excess can be shared. Without wars can not do, but they are expected of two kinds: the battle of kingdoms and the battle of clans. Winning, you will receive the award “Gold of the Gods” - this is a location with resources where you can extract gold ten times more efficiently than on a regular mine. In the center of the kingdom there is a place of power, it can only be conquered by members of clans. The leader, who bothered to seize this location, becomes king, and this gives him more powers over other players in the kingdom. He can assign titles to them, any of the sixteen available. And this will inevitably affect in-game processes. Discover the world of the Vikings and become the ruler who will go down in history, even in the game.