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Shoot Robbers

The thief should be in prison - this is clear to everyone, except the thieves, they do not want to fall behind bars, and try to resist, then comes in special forces and bandits shot on the spot, as in Shoot Robbers game. A gang of extremely dangerous and daring robbers have long held fear of wealthy citizens, they plundered the houses, cleaned several banks. They act quickly, brazenly, killing guards and unnecessary witnesses. Their long could not catch, but suddenly there was information that the robbers are going to climb the central museum and steal a valuable artifact - a royal crown, adorned with a ruby ​​large scale. The building was surrounded by bandits and offered to surrender, but they flatly refused. Start operation Shoot Robbers. Since the hostages from the bandits did not have, were closed all entrances and exits, and you, as a sniper, ordered to destroy the robbers. Through the wall, even in the optical sight, you even score will not see anything, so you have to wait until the figures in black masks appear on the background of lit windows. They are trying to find a way out and will look out of the window, vylazit to the roof, where you liquidate them. Among the robbers have good hands, be careful, they will shoot you and can hurt, do not let them make the first shot, advancing for a split second will save your life. Game Shoot Robbers - is a classic shooter, so fans will like to shoot. You will need an immediate response, the ability to quickly assess the situation, do not know where will be the next target is available, covering the entire eye facade and roof. Narrow window openings and the dark makes it difficult to perform the mission, but this should not affect the result. To gain maximum points and achieve brilliant victory. Every accurate shot brings a hundred points. The game will reproduce, in any medium, nothing will prevent you to enjoy the adventures and demonstrate sniper skills.
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