Game Football Headz Cup 2 online

Game Football Headz Cup 2

Football Headz Cup 2

Before us is a fun and interesting game Football Head Cup 2. This game is for all lovers of this sport like football. Many of us know in the enumeration of all known players and also teams for which they play each of us wanted to be in their place, and now thanks to the developers of this game we dropped the chance. We all take part in the global competition on mini football among different countries. First select the team for which you will play as soon as you do so immediately you get into the qualifying group and you will determine the opponents. Now you go out on the field that would clash with the enemy. The game takes the ball by ordinary drawing. Remember that on the field only two players, and so you need to build up their offensive and defensive strategy so that you could cover the gate and at the same time to punch the ball on a stranger. The specificity is that a frontal assault, you 'll get so small that you will be an exciting battle in the second tier - that is to play and score basically have to head. It gives a special flavor and uniqueness of this game. The winner is the one who scored the match most goals over time. If you lose then you fly out of the tournament and will have to start all over again. We are confident that the game Football Head Cup 2 will be enjoyed by players of all ages and gender. After all, thanks to its fascinating story, beautiful graphics and sound, it creates an atmosphere of competition and gives the opportunity to spend your free time leisure time with benefit and interest.
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