Game Woodventure Mahjong Connect online

Game Woodventure Mahjong Connect

Woodventure Mahjong Connect

A boy named Adventura invites you on a journey through the magical forest in the game Woodventure mahjong connect. The forest is full of miracles and unexpected encounters, live in it funny animals and grow amazing flowers, plants and trees. As long as you move along the path, you will meet all the inhabitants of the forest and get to know them. You stroked the fluffy bunnies, they are not afraid of you, red squirrel offer just torn nut. Birds, beasts and bugs even want to meet you, even the worms crawl to the surface of the dark mink, spiders descend on the cobweb from the trees, and the ladybugs will delight you with its bright red wings with black dots. Our meeting will take place in the course of the game Wood Venture mahjong connect. On the tiles of mahjong, located in the field, shows the forest dwellers, trees and shrubs. Look for a pair of identical, to connect their lines with right angles. Between the pairs must be empty space. In the lower left corner there are three cherished buttons: tooltip, agitation and bomb. Take a hint, if you do not see the appropriate option by activating a bomb, you kill two tiles and mixing gives you a chance to quickly find additional pairs for destruction. Your ultimate goal - to remove all the items from the field, and do it for a limited period. Woodventure mahjong connect - html5 online game, play on tablets, smartphones and enjoy the nice spent time. The game is not only interesting, but useful, it develops attention and observation.
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