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Game Soccer Bubbles

Soccer Bubbles

We have before us a new game Soccer Bubbles which belongs to the category of puzzle games. Writers developer company decided to join her in football and the puzzle, so turned out pretty interesting story. So you're a football player who came to summer camp for training before the championship. And today, you train your attention, and logical thinking. Before you will be located on the balls have different colors. At your feet will appear one at a time, such as swords. Your task is to study the playing field and correctly calculating the trajectory of hitting the ball sent to the pile. But the caveat is that you do not just have to hit, and so would the ball a certain color ranks three on the same as he did. Then these items disappear and you will be given points for it. Your task in this way is completely clear the field of balls. Keep in mind that over time, the top row is updated, and all the balls shift down. If you do not have time to do the job and the front row touches the ground, you lose. So we advise you to be attentive and do the job quickly. Game Soccer Bubbles written using HTML5 technology that makes it possible to play it on any operating system and on any device. We hope that the bright graphics and a great sounding game appeal to you to taste, and you will spend more than one hour after it. Also, you can arrange a competition between your friends who is greatest among you pick up points in the game Soccer Bubbles. We hope that the victory will be yours.
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