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Stray Knight

We have before us a new game Stray Knight that immerses us in the days when there were still noble knights. The protagonist of the game, Edward - a knight without fear that my whole life flashed his struggle with a variety of dark creatures. To do this he custom smiths forged a legendary sword, shield and armor. With this kit, he has struck more than one monster in the world. One of the dark sorcerers night when everyone was asleep could steal the armor and weapons, but ran away when they lost on the road in the forest. Now our hero must pass through dark thickets and collect all that was stolen, but this is not so simply because the paths roam wild predators and other dark creatures. Our hero should be a route to first collect all the pieces together, and only then to destroy the enemy. Then you can go home to the castle. Remember that each location will differ from previous more challenging terrain and lots of different monsters that you need to kill. Game Stray Knight has not quite bad design and excellent sound. All this creates a unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages in which you will play for the main character. The developers wrote it using HTML5 technology that gives you the opportunity to play Stray Knight on any device. So safely set it to yourself and enjoy the fascinating story of the game. You can also play it from our website by simply opening it in your browser.
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