Game Ghost Bubbles online

Game Ghost Bubbles

Game Ghost Bubbles online.

Came the last days of October, and then, approaching a favorite holiday of all evil spirits and witches. Halloween say a lot of fun and the ghosts haunted, too, love to go to the parks and frighten children who walk. Therefore it is necessary to stop them this time. This can be done only one way - to send home. To do this, you have a gun that shoots colored balls. To little spiteful ghost went home, you need to remove the ground from under him in the game Ghost Bubbles. Under each ghost is full of balls of different colors. Check carefully what the ball is in the muzzle of your gun and find at least two of the same ball near the ghost. After shooting accurately, you can get right on them, and remove them from the field. Cute monsters do not even know what to expect, when all the balls disappear. He instantly falls and he'll have to miss the celebration of Halloween this year. Do not enjoy these ghosts to scare the children, and try to pass all levels of the game Bubbles - Ghosts to deliver on every evil trouble. And if at first you have to fight with one, soon it will be a friend and partner. After some ghosts do not go alone, it more fun to scare companies. Carefully throw the balls in the game Bubbles - ghosts, so as not to make mistakes, because if they reach the ground, the game will end.