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Game Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Do not think that all hidden away treasures already found on your eyelids enough unexplored places and incredible discoveries, so go in the game Treasure Hunt, and includes the active search for precious stones, antique gold and silver jewelry. Pirates sailed a lot and takes a proactive looting merchant ships, and then hid the treasures of the islands by drawing a card, open up the secrets of the treasure location. You have such a map, which marked the path of movement, do not deviate from it and perform all the necessary conditions and in the end of the road you will be rewarded for their patience, skill and the ability to quickly find the right decisions in difficult situations. Before you extend the whole field of gems, but you need to look for only those that open the door to the next area. The list you see on the horizontal bar at the bottom. Each new level of the game Treasure Hunt brings you to a place of burial chests of gems and gold. Swap standing next to elements forming rows and columns of three or more identical objects. Do not forget that the number of movements is strictly limited, so do not waste time on unnecessary acts committed by those that lead to the desired result. Let the glitter of emeralds, rubies, diamonds, amethyst and other stones shining, the sun playing on the many facets, not blind you and not hurt to think clearly and rationally. Only cold calculation and endurance will allow access to the main treasure, which is the purpose of the game Treasure Hunt. But it will not be soon and you will be able to enjoy the game for a long time. Genre three in a row - a win-win game entertainment, the game draws so that you will not notice ran hours. Use a fun pastime where you need to kill time, mobile devices will allow you to do this, and our colorful toy perfectly reproduce on any of them: the tablet or smartphone.
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