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Scientists have broken their heads and hoarse arguing whether there is a Yeti in fact, or is it a fiction and a hoax. Many are skeptical about the existence of the legendary humanoid creatures, legends and tales of the hero, if you do not belong to the most unbelieving, go to our virtual world, where everything is explainable and understandable. We can give a clear answer - Bigfoot exists and even introduce you to a cute character, overgrown from head to toe thick red hair. We ourselves saw it recently when a colorful Bigfoot decided to get out of the ice cave, where he resides. Show it made ​​fragrant strawberry smell that wafted out of the way, located nearby. Huge refrigerated truck carrying a substantial load fruits and vegetables, the door suddenly opened and a couple of boxes of berries fell on the track. Yeti hurried to collect the strawberries until it froze completely, but then began to poor total hunting. Crowds hunters amateurs and professionals began vying to set traps and obstacles, trying to stop the fleeing wild animals and catch it alive to the first boast a rare hunting trophy. Do not let the villains a chance to help substantially unimpeded race around the ice path, gather up vkusnyashek and finesse set traps, piles of trees, rocks and other obstacles. Do not try to make friends with the hero, and just a favor for, perhaps, he will appreciate it and will give you an exclusive interview. Control with the mouse, making a handsome bypass obstacles, collect not only the ripe berries, but also useful bonuses. If you will pick up a rocket, it will allow the hero to shoot a jet speed and no boxes with grids, blocking the road, do not interfere. Beware run into barrels filled with radioactive waste, snowmen, red button, use for jumping through dangerous areas. On the collected strawberries, you can exchange a variety of useful products: helmets, hammers, comfortable shoes, stylish shorts and turn a wild creature in quite a civilized entity.
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