Game Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples online

Game Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples

Game Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples online.

Today the game Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples we meet again with Emma at once its transmission on TV. Today we will prepare with you an interesting and tasty dish like baked apples with ice cream. Our heroine will once again share with us one of his famous recipes. In the beginning, we need to do a certain mixture. To do this, we will have a product and a mixer. At the top on the panel we will see the steps that we need to do with the products that we would all work out. First, mix all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of ice-cream and vzobem them in a blender. The resulting mixture pour into a bowl and refrigerate. The next step is the production of sweet fillings also according to the recipe. It you get in the form of sticks. Now take apples and srezh their top and insert the stuffing. Then put in the oven to bake. Until this happens, we will make a sweet syrup. When everything is ready, we will lay out apples on a plate on top of fill with syrup and put ice cream on the side. All dishes are prepared and ready to be served. Game Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples is ideal for those who love to cook. After playing it, you are not only fun to spend their hours, but also learn how to prepare a tasty dish. And who knows maybe this knowledge useful to you in your own kitchen. Open Cooking with Emma: Baked Apples on our website and create their next masterpiece delicious.