Game Jewels of Arabia online

Game Jewels of Arabia

Game Jewels of Arabia online.

You found in the old library vaults of an ancient scroll. Old yellowed parchment inscribed with Arabic script and tells the story of the huge treasures of the Sultan, hidden in a safe place. The manuscript will lead you to the cache, and you will become rich as Arab sheikh. Go to the game Jewels of Arabia on a journey and collect colored gems. Such an abundance of treasures you've ever seen: a blood-red rubies, sapphires, mysterious, amazing colors alexandrite, stunning emeralds. Stones perfectly faceted to fully reveal their natural beauty and depth of color. But those who hid the untold riches, did not want to be taken away, so put some magical barrier. To overcome them in the game Jewels of Arabia, it is necessary to change the stones in places, establishing lines of three or more identical in color and form elements. To perform the task level, you need to dial a certain number of points. Time is limited, round dial in the upper left corner. The faster you complete the level, the more chances to get three gold stars. In the construction of four or more stones you will get a variety of bonuses, which you want to activate and put them in line with the objects of the same color, but saved time, bonuses are activated automatically. Enjoy puzzle Jewels of Arabia and the rich.