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Game Jewel burst

Jewel burst

This game Jewel burst is a very interesting puzzle has an interesting story. You will travel through space and earn on different planets precious stones for their subsequent sale. Production is fairly original way and now you get to know him. In front of you will design field disposed thereon various jewels of which some are the same. Our task carefully examine their position and by moving to build them in a series of three or more pieces. Once you do this, the stones will fall to you in a bag and you will be given balls. In particularly successful exhibiting, you'll also receive bonuses that will help you in your work. Interim restrictions on the execution so that there can play safely, carefully thinking through your moves. With each new task and the number of stones the size of the playing field will increase. Game Jewel burst will help you develop your intelligence and logical thinking. She has quite a colorful painted graphics and beautiful soundtrack that will immerse players in the exciting atmosphere of the game. We are confident that this puzzle will help you brighten up your leisure time. Play Jewel burst can be on the Internet from our website, or by installing a game to him.
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