Game Algerian Solitaire online

Game Algerian Solitaire

Game Algerian Solitaire online.

The virtual space attracts you so that you can move to the other end of the world in a second and go anywhere. In the game Algerian Solitaire, we invite you to make a trip to the Republic of Algeria. The territory of the state is mostly located in the Sahara Desert. Berbers living in the desert, will introduce you to a game that helps them to chill out their cold evenings. You will be surprised, but this is a symbolic game for you, but with its own special rules. It is similar to the Spider or Kosynka you know and at the same time is radically different. The task of all the solitaires is to change the cards to a certain place or completely remove them from the field. In our Algerian Solitaire you need to fold all the cards to the top of the screen. There for them there are certain eight places for four aces and kings. Next on them lay out the cards of the corresponding colors in descending order. At the very bottom is the deck, when you press it, it will be divided into two lines. From the bottom you can transfer the cards to the middle of the field, placing them in descending order. The game Algerian Solitaire is a difficult solitaire, do not wait for a quick solution, you have to think.