Game Battleship War online

Game Battleship War

Game Battleship War online.

The battle at sea or sea battle is the most popular game since ancient times and it is not surprising that sea battles from paper were transferred to the virtual space and became more realistic. We invite you to demonstrate the wisdom of the strategist and tactics in the game Battleship War. Develop a strategic plan, placing the ships in a square space, after the start of the battle, you can no longer change the dislocation. You will be in the headquarters and for you the war, as before, is the search for goals on the field of cells, their detection and destruction. But in a virtual reality giving a command to fire, you will see how it happens directly on the battlefield. The missiles will fly in both directions, and you will see the consequences of their actions and the implementation of the developed plan. If it turns out to be untenable, you will lose. In the game Battleship War two levels; Classic and advanced. Try to master each and you will understand the difference, it is palpable. Old good games like the Sea Battle will not lose relevance, the creators of games come up with new ways to entice players, but the classic always remains in value.