Game Black Panther Vibranium Hunt online

Game Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

Transfer to Wakidu together with the hero of comics Marvel. On the African land has long been fighting for a unique metal vibrated, capable of absorbing vibration. He landed on Earth in a place with a fallen meteorite. Many glorious warriors of the five tribes fell for a piece of metal, but soon it will end, because the defense of the African brothers was a hero who received the name of the Black Panther. He becomes the king of Wakanda, but received in the face of the formidable warrior Njadaki the Murderer of a deadly enemy. He will try to overthrow the ruler in order to strengthen his influence and enlist the support of the tribe, it is necessary to find and assemble the vibrinium. Help the hero in the game Black Panther Vibranium Hunt to successfully hunt and destroy enemies.
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