Fighting games

Fighting games

The options are many fighting games, and you can play them for free. You can fight hand to hand or arm themselves to the teeth. The enemy will always be worthy of – do not relax. Challenge yourself in the sports arena, ring gladiators, in a street fight. Since the battle, you have the minimum skills, but not for long – soon you will have a chance to improve performance. After each match the account you get a certain amount, which depends on the outcome of the battle. Take it to replenish health, charisma, defense and weapons. Now it's time to act, to certainly win.

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Fighting - For the most active players are invited to play in the fight game

Fighting games for free – best entertainment there

Fighting games online Fighting games online In our games, everything is possible and everything is allowed. Fight with fists and feet, use weapons, fight with bullies themselves or attack the passers-by. Here you will not accuse of injustice, because one force is right. Even politicians and movie stars are not big trouble, if you have something against their image. Start a fight in the game play, simply select the enemy.

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Join the Ninja and trained possession nunchaku, sword, and the elements of martial arts. These elusive soldiers train for many years to become a real car killer. You just need to take a few simple levels, in order to achieve their perfection. Will you Ninja Turtles, which teaches sensei Splinter. He did not refuse to take care of and you, and when you're ready, go with the four brave turtles cleared of enemies underground labyrinths and urban prairie.


Fighting Super Heroes thrilling, because they possess unusual powers. Open Fight games in a row and become a strong, nimble, fast and fearless comic book character. Experience the force of the hammer god Thor, Captain America help deal with the robots, and Batman to defeat monsters. Characters anime and manga is also invited to play in the fight. Megamen, Naruto, Ben 10 and many young men came out to fight and win. In their arsenal of modern weapons and magic, but most importantly – they are full of noble obstinacy against which not resist the insidious enemy.

Fighting games online
Fighting games online The aliens are attacking! Is it possible to remain on the sidelines when your world is about to collapse? Direct your rebellious against the invaders, and have them removed at their backward planet. And to cope with such a difficult task, wear gloves and go to the boxing ring where you have challenged the most formidable competitors.  


Sports games for free fights like those he is engaged in martial arts or just chooses his way to Olympic heights. Here it is possible to repeat the stunts of Jackie Chan, Rimbaud, arrange boxing with zombies, snowmen and cows. Sumo wrestling and so different, but equally interesting. In the first case, pushing the fat man in the second – participants show a real show.


Yet many topics covered in our section, and can be divided into categories:


  • The ancient battles: primitive people and gladiators
  • Battle of medieval knights
  • fi, fantasy and mystical battle
  • Martial Arts
  • Modern fights

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The boys always liked to be compared forces, even when they have not had the opportunity to play games on the computer fight. Primitive boys bite and scratch, weighed punches at each other with clubs. Antique boys were fighting with wooden swords, practicing unarmed combat and, thus preparing to become soldiers. Ages virtually unchanged fights – again came into play swords, maces and fists. Perhaps something has changed in modern times? You'd be surprised, but almost everything remained the same, only now prefer to fight in a virtual world where the player is not hurt by this and suffer only the bots.


Select the simulator with realistic actions and flash products. Everywhere there are attractive side and different opportunities. Several rounds or levels need to survive in the match, causing damage to the opponent and to score maximum game points and set the record.