Fighting games

Fighting games

There are a variety of fighting games, and they can be played for free. You can fight hand to hand or arm yourself to the teeth. The enemy will always be worthy, so don't relax. Test yourself in a sports field, an arena of gladiators, in a street fight. Starting the battle, you have minimal skills, but this is not for long - soon you will have a chance to increase your stats. After each fight, you get a certain amount of points on your account, which depends on the battle result. Spend it on replenishing health, charisma, defense and weapons. Now it's time to act, to win without fail.

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Fighting games for free - there is no better entertainment

Fighting Games - Play Fighting Games on Game-Game Fighting Games - Play Fighting Games on Game-Game Fighting games - everything is possible and everything is allowed in them. Fight with fists and legs, use weapons, fight hooligans or attack passers-by on your own. Here you will not be reproached for injustice, because might makes right. Even politicians and movie stars will be hurt if you have something against their image. Start playing fighting games, just choose your opponent.

Let's go through the sections

Join the ranks of the ninja and learn how to use nunchaku, sword and hand-to-hand combat elements. These elusive warriors have been training for years to become true killer machines. You just need to go through a few simple levels in order to achieve their perfection. The ninja turtles trained by Sensei Splinter will help you. He will not refuse to take care of you, and when you are ready, go with four brave turtles to clear underground labyrinths and city prairies from enemies.

The fights of superheroes are exciting, because they have unusual powers. Discover the fighting games and line up with strong, agile, fearless and fast comic book characters. Experience the power of the god Thor's hammer, help Captain America take down the robots, and Batman defeat the monsters. Anime and manga characters also invite you to play fighting. Mega Man, Naruto, Ben 10 and many more young fighters came out to fight and win. They have magic and modern weapons in their arsenal, but most importantly, they are full of noble stubbornness, against which an insidious enemy cannot resist.

Fighting Games - Play Fighting Games on Game-Game
Fighting Games - Play Fighting Games on Game-Game The aliens attack! How can you stay away when your world is about to collapse? Direct your bellicose mood against the invaders, and let them get away to their backward planet. And having coped with such a difficult task, put on gloves and go to the boxing ring, where the most formidable athletes challenged you.

Sports fighting games for free will appeal to those who practice martial arts themselves or who are just choosing their way to the Olympic heights. Here you can repeat the stunts of Jackie Chan, Rimbaud, arrange boxing with zombies, snowmen and cows. Sumo and wrestling are so different, but equally interesting. In the first case, the fat men are pushing each other, in the second one, the participants demonstrate a real show.

Our rubric contains many more topics, and they can be divided into categories:

  • Ancient Battle: primitive people and gladiators
  • Medieval knights fights
  • Fantastic, fantasy and mystical battles
  • Martial arts
  • Modern fighting games

Playing fighting games never gets bored

Boys always liked to compete, even when they didn't have the opportunity to play fighting games on the PC. Primitive youths bit and scratched, cuffed each other with cudgel. Ancient boys fought with wooden swords, practiced hand-to-hand combat and thus prepared themselves to become warriors. The Middle Ages didn’t practically change the fights - swords, maces and fists were again used. Has anything changed nowadays? You will be surprised, but almost everything remains the same, only now they prefer to fight in the virtual world, where the player is not hurt in reality, but only bots suffer. Choose HTML5 games or a fighting simulator with realistic actions. There are attractive features and different abilities everywhere. In several rounds or levels, you have to survive in a duel, inflicting damage on your rival, and score the most game points yourself and set a record.

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