Game Mahjong Alchemy online

Game Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy

A well-known scientist recruiting students invites everyone to try to solve the Mahjong Alchemy online. You will also test your strength when passing this test. Before you will be a scattering of stones covered with ancient runes and symbols, and your task will be to dismantle them. Find among this variety the same in color and pattern and click on them to make them disappear. It is important that at least two sides of each of them are not blocked by others. Thus, freeing the layers one by one, you will completely clear the field. With each level, the tasks will become more difficult, and then hints will come to your aid. They are limited, use them wisely. After going through the trials of the Mahjong Alchemy play, you will hone your knowledge of ancient writings, deepen your understanding of the nature of things, learn to observe and see the essence of everything, and certainly achieve the skills necessary to get a chance to become an alchemist and maybe even find a mysterious philosopher's stone...
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