Game Akihiko vs Cannons online

Game Akihiko vs Cannons

Akihiko vs Cannons

A boy named Akihito lived in a small village with his grandfather. They did not live well, but they were also poor. Grandfather wove baskets, grandson helped him. The baskets sold well and were enough for bread and butter. But one day the royal guards came to the house and demanded to pay the tax. This is a huge amount that poor people do not have. But the guards gave them one day and threatened that if there was no money, they would evict the poor fellows from their homes. The boy could not watch how upset his grandfather was and decided to help him and himself. He went to the valley, which is guarded by cannon robots. They say that you can collect gold bars there. This turned out to be true, but the journey will be dangerous, so you must help the boy in Akihiko vs Cannons.
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