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Magic Mahjong

The game Magic Mahjong we'll find ourselves in a world where there is still magic. They live the good wizards and evil clowns. One day an evil sorcerer has stolen one of the capitals of the world powerful artifact that is able to both create and destroy. The main character of our game magician, who was in the service of the ruler of the country, and now he will have a blank on a dangerous journey that would return this item back. The way our hero is on the map, on which a plurality of locations that we need to go. In each one of us lurks a trap and to get around it, we need to solve the puzzle magic. Before us is a magical mahjong, we need to solve it. Choose the same subjects using the click and when you do this correctly, our magician shoot lightning from his staff, and these items will disappear and you will score points. Also among the objects we will see gold hearts - this bonus items. If there will be any difficulties the bottom we have a button with the help of which we can make a move without selecting or searching for similar items. With each new location assignments will become more complex, and only depends on you whether our hero will get to the final travel destination. Magic Mahjong game has a very interesting story, because the developers were able to build in rules of the game Mahjong in the exciting adventures of the protagonist. So it's safe to open the Magic Mahjong on our site and dive into the fascinating world of puzzles and mysteries.
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