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Chowder games

Rather, run the free online Chowder to play with the most attractive, soft and charming hero. Chowder Fasoleru helping in the kitchen, he dreaming of becoming a chef one day. And while not everything goes perfectly, and it gives trouble to others and to him. But he tries, and on behalf of the chief cuts products, support fire in the hearth, serving visitors. He also has to save seeds, and on weekends he likes to regale his tasty, especially the juicy fruit. Learn culinary tricks with chowder and create a cookbook, passing levels.
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Games Chowder dragged into the whirlpool of fun The unusual creature, the more interesting to know him, learn the habits and study habits. Chowder Good games are pretty lilac hero. It was originally made in the American animated series, and comes up not on the basis of a real animal, but as a way of plush, pleasant to touch and gaze toys. Once in the virtual world of the game Chowder, he immediately attracted attention. It is difficult not to notice the cute character with ears like a rabbit and short striped tail. He always wears a purple hat and a shirt, and a muzzle is not coming off a smile. Looking for chubby cheeks and mischievous eyes, I want to hug and cuddle. Protagonists stories At Chowder have friends with whom he communicates and learns from them new. • Fasoler - old blue humanoid. He was 450 years old, and 386 of them, he cooks. He owns a company for quick delivery of dinners, chowder, and he teaches culinary wisdom in the hope that he would one day become a good chef. • Tryuflya - wife Fasolera engaged in accounting in their institution. Grumpy and uncompromising person, brooked no argument and does not admit defeat. It resembles an elf - small, with wings, large glasses and purple hair. • Schnitzel - strong stone monster, and even a great cook. He carries weight and does the dirty work. Not only talking, grumbling at Chowder for his lack of seriousness, but genuinely concerned for him. As the main character loves to eat and learning to cook in the kitchen Fasolera many games Chowder was created on this topic. In pursuit of Chowder The kitchen Fasolera some strange, mysterious things. One time focused, and the hero is forced to perform one task many times. The chef ordered to gather the ingredients for the soup and chowder is execute it all begins again. He miraculously managed to escape from the vicious cycle, in order to start a new series of games Chowder. Again the mentor of the hero gives the task - cook many dishes. While the chef runs in the background and something whips, student chopped vegetables, eggs, whisk dough and cream, sprinkle with seasoning dishes, and even keeps the fire in the hearth. Today, he does a lot of work, and he had no time to be naughty. But judging by the mischievous eyes and a grin, he likes the kitchen. Only it is necessary to repeat the exact contour of the mouse line in the direction of the arrow to Chowder completing quests. Once the owner has entrusted the student canteen to serve clients, and he gladly went to work. New visitors to order a dish and Chowder tries to execute the order in time to receive the excellent service due for the tip. So far, only one person in the queue, you can easily manage to do all manipulations, but behind it is already coming in twos and three who want to eat. Help the hero will Schnitzel, stopping the baton rapid mutation of the product. It happens to chowder and various incidents. Once he nazhevavshis as chewing gum, and then blew a huge bubble that he lopnuv, absorbed very gourmet. Now he slides inside a large bowl, and collect the road tasty fruit that and stick to it. Excellent! - Will, than to eat at home after dinner. Sometimes the products are perishable and must be separated from the fresh, so that they are not infected with mold. But the kitchen is not quite Fasolera conventional products, and strive to get away from the chowder when he catches them with a net. When save the kitchen from the rot, save the planet from devastation, gathering the remaining seeds, but do not clash with rabbit mutant.

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