Game of war

Game of war

Before you is a Game of war online for fans of the military strategy genre. Unite with the allies and start playing together for free in order to fight back a formidable enemy. Control your army, pump it, and seize foreign lands and castles. At the same time, try not to let enemy forces into your territory. The world in which to settle, is a medieval city where magicians, ordinary people and fantasy creatures get along. In addition to military campaigns to be engaged in the extraction of resources, trade and construction, so that there is no shortage of anything.
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Game of war: the clash of darkness and light

Game of war online For many players, the virtual battlefield has become their home. Palba, magical discharges, ancient knights or modern warriors, fantastic creatures as helpers and much more became a familiar and familiar phenomenon. A Game of war to play free carries you to another mission, where you have to defend the interests of your city. There will be no surprise the presence of two opposing sides. Here otherworldly forces of darkness and warriors of light compete for world domination.

Key points of the gameplay

You are in command of the army, trying to secure the life of the population of your beautiful town. In war, as they say, all methods are good.

  • Build Buildings
  • Elect the army
  • Train them
  • Attack the enemy
  • Protect your own boundaries

Game of war online The world in which the Game of war to play online invites, populated by all sorts of creatures. Magic rules here all, and therefore is actively used in the arena of battles. With the help of sorcerers you can prepare a powerful potion or a new spell, against which no dark force can stand. Enemies are directed to your territory, among which are indestructible stone golems, irreconcilable orcs and many more evil spirits. You can destroy everyone by using a special weapon or magical ability.

At your disposal are siege weapons, infantry detachments, cavalry and others. Any unit needs constant development, and if there are no new enemies on the horizon, the best thing is to pump combat units. Go to a special section, and choose from the available innovations the most relevant at the moment. Pay for the purchases will have previously collected bonuses and points, and since they do not grow so fast, spend them on the really necessary things. Improve weapons, purchase equipment, improve personal qualities.

Since the social side is developed here, the online Game of war is much more interesting to play, communicating with other gamers. With them, you can unite in alliances, chat and stand together against a particularly strong enemy. Look for allies on the lands that are adjacent to your territory in order to jointly strengthen the personal borders of states. Capture buildings, and during the battle, watch the scale of life. Whoever runs out of energy faster will be the loser.

Impression of the game of Game of war

Game of war online What is especially pleased that you can play Game of war for free. Also pleasantly surprised by beautiful graphics with clear control and geography of locations.
Beginners will receive in the initial half an hour a lot of information and help from a beautiful maiden directing all their actions. At first it seems that all this will be difficult to remember, but the main thing is not to panic, and soon everything will be kept in memory. In fact, the script is nothing tricky or so unique that you would be unfamiliar. If there is even a little experience in military strategies, you will quickly get comfortable. The Game of war for free involves the extraction of useful resources, the seizure of buildings, attacks and defense.

The medieval atmosphere creates a special aura, and this is another additional plus to military topics. It is this time that seems the most romantic and mysterious, and therefore many players have highly appreciated this toy. In any case, test it yourself the most correct solution. The fun is created with sequels, so it will be very interesting to enjoy the spectacular battles. When the city expands, it is pleasant to observe how people worried about something hurry along the streets, construction is underway somewhere, and gallant warriors stubbornly practice their skills on the parade.

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