Civilizations Wars games

Civilizations Wars games

Free to play Civilizations Wars games, you can get so carried away that you forget about the realities. Choosing one of the proposed races, make it dominant. For this there is an effective tool - war. The more trained soldiers you have, the more powerful the army, the faster you will establish your power in foreign territory. Each building is a strategic object, but the most important thing is to immediately capture the towers and energy wells. Make sure that the conquered buildings are not returned back to the enemy. Increase the number of soldiers, keep the situation and territory under control.
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Civilizations Wars games: Historical Mission

History is full of examples of wars between countries and tribes, and the games of the War of Civilizations offer to take part in one of them personally. For several episodes you will:

  • Develop your settlement
  • Capture other people's buildings.
  • Fight neighboring lands
  • Move on levels
  • Improve and increase the army
  • Strengthen own base

Development takes place gradually, and for each building or warrior will have to fight. There is no time for reflection, because the enemy forces are constantly on the move, and if you let down your guard, let alone one building out of attention, it is already occupied by the enemy.

Civilizations Wars games online The more warriors you have, the safer is the protection of your own lands, and therefore periodically improve the fort producing troops, as well as acquire new weapons and means for successful actions.

War without interruption

Than more endurance in you, composure, concentration and determination, we are more likely to win another battle and war. Civilizations Wars games are developing in an ascending fashion, offering players more variety.

In the beginning, you have only a couple of forts to protect. The enemy also has its towers, and your task is to capture them. The shape and color of your buildings differ from the enemy, and it is easy to see under whose power they are. Once you knock a soldier out of someone else’s house, populate him with your own, as he immediately changes his appearance.

Above each building you see the numbers that is the number of warriors inside. If you want to capture it, you will have to send an army in excess of someone else’s, otherwise they will simply be killed. But having established control over the next house, do not think that it will always remain like this. The enemy is already sending his soldiers there to take back their possessions from you. If this succeeds, you will see an inverse metamorphosis when the color and shape returns to its original stage. Civilizations Wars games online

It will be ideal if in every home your soldiers will always be in large numbers so that they can keep the defense, but do not forget that during the skirmishes they die, and you must again maintain a positive balance with new replenishment of manpower.

The number of soldiers in each building can be regulated by transporting them from any chosen home to another. Watch the movements of the enemy forces in order to respond to their strategy in time, sending your troops to meet them.

Civilizations Wars games online Although the Civilizations Wars games are based on those ancient times when there were no firearms, but there was magic that effectively works on the battlefield. Each tower is equipped with an energy beam that does not admit enemies to its walls. It is worth the army to get closer to it, and clots of deadly energy fly into it.

In the territory there are also energy wells, supplying the necessary force. They are both on your land and on a stranger, and naturally, they are strategic objects. In order to quickly subjugate the enemy, you need to try to sneak deep into the alien settlement, and capture these valuable wells.

Turning to magic, which is expressed in the form of protective spells and natural disasters, you also approach the goal. The next spell will be available if you have enough experience gained in the battle to learn it. Another precious experience can be spent on improving passive skills.

The plot of the Civilizations Wars games is filled with fascinating events, and you will fight with different tribes, as well as with terrible bosses of divine beings of impressive size. Choose your mode of action to expand the boundaries of the kingdom.

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