Game Fishing Duels online

Game Fishing Duels

Game Fishing Duels online.

Fishing Duels game: fishing competition
Combining different genres and directions, you can get a great cocktail in one product. Browser game Fishing Duels is a very successful project, which combines "three in a row" with the popular fishing theme, and the gameplay itself takes place step by step. To enter into a duel with another gamer, entrust your choice to the system, and it will automatically select an opponent for you. But there is another way - if you have in mind a specific person with whom you have long wanted to settle scores, find his name in the friends menu and send the code along with the duel request. Never before has the toy of collecting chains of objects familiar to everyone been so gambling. This gives it originality, and you can play Fishing Duels using other fun advantages as well. It is very important to see the good arrangement of objects on the court in time, and use it for your own purposes, because the next move will be given to the enemy, and he certainly will not miss the chance to use the perfect combination. You probably remember that the minimum number of elements that are available for an action is three, but the more they are involved in the chain, the more points you earn, and they turn into currency for which you buy useful parts for the further game. We place bets
To play Fishing Duels, each duel member must place a bet. For this, chips are used, which are earned through winning moves and daily entering the toy. Beginners are given 200 chips, and the minimum they can bet at one time is 10 chips. They will be used up quickly, and therefore you must constantly take care of replenishing your stocks. This can only be achieved by skillful, thoughtful play. The higher the rate, the more generous the winnings, however, there is always a risk of losing everything. How do I get into the game? - it couldn't be easier. You need to fill out the forms with name, password and email address, and when Fishing Duels registration is over, you can start exploring the game space. There is also another way - to log in through a social network, which looks like an even easier and faster option. Game features
Once on the ocean floor, you need to catch more fish. But take a look around - there are other items here that are very useful:
• Spinning rods
• Floats
• Gardens
• Landing net
• Hooks
• Delicious worms
Having such a diverse arsenal at your disposal, you can use it at some point and turn the tide on your side. Information boards will help you navigate the situation, where your catch is displayed, as well as the availability of items. You can control the situation using the four buttons, but for them to become active, you need a number of objects. • Attack - with this key we can deprive our enemy of some useful things
• Catch - adds some more fish to the catch
• Fishing net - catches fish from all over the playing field
• Snatch - we snatch several fish from the enemy's net, crediting them to our account
It is worth remembering that your opponent has similar buttons, and he also actively uses them. Only the right, well thought-out tactics will help you win battle after battle, gain useful experience and increase your stakes in iPlayer Fishing Duels. In addition to doubles competitions, Fish Duels provide for participation in tournaments for 8 people. Participants must place bets of 80 chips, and when the required number of participants is reached, the tournament will automatically open.