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In Ninja Ranmaru game developers on a plan we go with you to the Middle Ages, in such an interesting country has its own traditions as Japan. In those days there existed a mysterious orders whiter warriors assassins known as ninja. Their level of preparation was very high, they were used as spies, assassins, and so on. Some of them worked for the Emperor of Japan. Ranmaru Our hero is one of them. After training in a monastery he was faithfully serve the Emperor. How then he was assigned the task to get into the estate of one of the emperor's enemies and destroy it. We can help you with our hero in this assignment. We need to go through a number of locations in which we expect a variety of traps and obstacles that we have to overcome that would not die. Also on the way we will have to wait for the enemy soldiers, whom we must destroy. In the conduct of the battle at the bottom, we will emerge from the panel techniques. They are located as defensive and attacking techniques. Their use depends on you. So plan on using them properly to defend themselves and kill the enemy. With each new location will make it more difficult, but we are sure that you will cope with the task. Game Ninja Ranmaru was written for video game consoles, but the developers have altered it using HTML5 technology and now you can play it on any device. The original story of the game will keep you on your toes all the time and we are sure that the game you enjoy. Feel free to download and install it yourself and dive into the world of ancient Japan. If you do not want to install it play it online on our website. Enjoy your adventure and a good time!
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