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Game My Adventure Book 2

My Adventure Book 2

Before us is a new exciting game My Adventure Book 2 of the famous company which develops sensory games. This is the second part of the story about the boy Jack who loved to read a variety of books about the adventures and fairy worlds. Returning from his last adventure he lived for several years rather calmly. But in one night, all the same moment sent him into the world of the Middle Ages. From one of the towers echoed a cry for help. Of course, our noble hero decided to help the unknown voice. Now he has a way through the maze of corridors of the ancient buildings filled with a variety of traps and puzzles. We can help you with your character in this adventure. Solve puzzles and riddles, find items to help you with this and get to the final destination. After all, you will save someone's life and can subsequently return to their home. Control of the game is simple and is carried out with the mouse. Game My Adventure Book 2 belongs to the category of logic games. It is aimed at the development of attention and intelligence of the player. Together with the beautifully -drawn graphics with the appropriate musical accompaniment, as well as the complex plot, it will not leave indifferent not a single player who likes to play with toys of this genre. Faster Download My Adventure Book 2 on your touch phone, tablet or computer and dive into the mysterious atmosphere of secrets and mystery of mysteries that will help you exciting to spend your free time. If you want you can play My Adventure Book 2 directly on the Internet. This will give you the opportunity to invite their friends to the game, as well as track the success of other players.
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