Game Ocean Crash online

Game Ocean Crash

Game Ocean Crash online.

The underwater world is very rich in various animals and fish. But to meet them is not so easy, because they are located deep. But thanks to the Ocean Crash game, you can be on the ocean floor with crabs, urchins and other locals. This puzzle game is simple to operate and, in his job. You need to make a minimum of three identical animals nearby. It can be horizontal or vertical bar. They will disappear, and you will be a lot of points. Their number depends on the number of animals in your ticker. They will go out to you three pieces, but not quite in the order that you needed. But to fix it elementary with the arrow keys. Moves places of marine inhabitants, while the column is lowered. Complete the game in the moment when the last block would get to the top. After all, if there are no other trinity can not get on the field the game Ocean Battle. Each combination of yellow stars, in which more than three stars, or three or more crabs, will give you a bonus and will clear the field for new constructions. If you can create a column of four or more identical elements, for it should be a good reward in the form of enlarged points. In the game Ocean Battle is not a great variety of items that will allow you to quickly be combined and get points in their kopilochku.