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Game Egyptian Marbles

Egyptian Marbles

Egypt at the average citizen is associated with the pharaohs, the pyramids and the Sphinx. We will not overload your brain to historical information, we have a different task - to entertain you and Egyptian Marbles game is just what you need. But when playing, you still have to immerse yourself in the history of ancient Egypt, because solving the puzzle with a set of marble balls, you will gradually penetrate into the mysteries of the pyramids. Despite the fact that the grand buildings hundreds of years, they have built before our era, their secrets are still not completely solved. Some of the pyramids are not even able to fully explore, because the underground hiding many secret underground corridors. Perhaps you will be the first who will be able to decipher all the locks and open the door to the sacred mysteries, hidden under centuries-old dust. The objectives of the level of Egyptian Marbles game is the complete removal of all the colorful marble balls with mysterious signs. They guard the access to the mystical black ball. Shoot by rotating balls by forming groups of three or more identical. Long did not hesitate, after each cleaning of the scale at the top of a vertical panel, additional balls will appear on the field, making it difficult to delete. Shots are made from a special gun, charged these balls, you can change them, if the one who is on the waiting list does not suit you. Right on a horizontal panel placed additional charges magic: potions, frost, fire, bomb. Use them in special cases, their charging time is needed. A colorful and addictive puzzle Egyptian Marbles will love you and you will spend a fun time playing on the fixed and mobile computing devices. The game does not require any special installation, just open it in any browser and enjoy a pleasant pastime.
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