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Game Christmas Bubbles

Christmas Bubbles

Manufacturers try games before the next holiday to coincide with a new toy to the appropriate category, it is not surprising that a lot of games on Christmas and New Year's theme comes on Christmas Eve. Our game Christmas Bubbles - is no exception. Bubbles - almost the most popular game characters and the genre of three in a row in conjunction with shooters - apart from the competition, so the game is doomed to success. Rate it adds colorful graphics and the ability to play on mobile devices, because the modern player is not sitting at the computer clock and lives in constant motion. In order not to miss out on the player, the creators of games try to make sure that you did not leave toys at any time of the day or night. The game Christmas Bubbles again you will come to the aid of Santa Claus. As always, before his departure to the kids to give gifts, there are various troubles provoked by opponents of Christmas - gremlins. This year, they teamed up with the witch and asked her to hold any means Santa's reindeer. Witch has created a couple of spells, which released a cloud in the sky colored bubbles. At first glance they appear to be harmless, but Santa on his sleigh with gifts overloaded can not break through the bubble cloud. Help destroy the barrier, but a tool to destroy the bubbles are such that you will shoot out of a cannon. Collect groups of three or more identical balls that they burst. Hurry, time is limited levels, if not have time to collect the required number of points, the game will end, and the resulting scores are locked. Celebrate Christmas with a new game Christmas Bubbles, you will have time to rest and to play on the long Christmas holidays.
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