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Game Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty

Pirates - is pirates, who have dedicated their lives to plunder marine expanses. Floating on the oceans and seas, they were looking for merchant ships captured them, carried off all the treasures which were on ships and sunk. Often collected many treasures they found the island and hid them there. Sometimes there were natural whole city, where the bandits could relax and have a drink. Of course the rulers of countries were not happy with this situation at sea and sent to the capture of highly dangerous pirates whole squadron of warships. Today the game Pirate Booty you as part of a squadron sailed to the island on which settled the pirates. Now your task is to smash their town and destroy as many bandits. To do this, you can use a variety of weapons. This may be the kernel dynamite ligament and even makeshift missiles. Your task using explosions or kill an enemy or to do so would they blast blown into the sea. With each level will make it all the more difficult. After all, the pirates will hide behind various obstacles and you will need to correctly calculate your actions. The reason is that the amount of ammunition you have is limited so be careful. Game Pirate Booty has a unique and interesting scenario, as well as a very cool traced graphics. This creates an interesting atmosphere that is very addictive players. Open Pirate Booty on our website and try their hand in the fight with the pirates, and who knows may be hoarded treasures will be yours.
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