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Game Bubble Penguins

Bubble Penguins

Help the cute penguins win the battle with the multi-colored bubbles in the game Bubble Penguins. The family of penguins, waking up in the morning, discovered in the sky an unusual multicolored cluster that was gradually approaching the earth. When it hit the zone of visibility, it turned out that these are colored bubbles glued together. Sharikov becomes more and more and this threatens the safety of birds. Soon the balls will close the sun, but it does not spoil the inhabitants in Antarctica. A pair of inventive friends dug up an old cannon in the snow, it remained from a ship that had long ago crashed against an ice floe near the shore. The cannon was thrown ashore by the wave, and the birds carefully concealed it, and now the cannon came in handy. Gunners from the penguins are still those, so you better get down to business in the game Bubble Penguins and deal with the bubbles. Shoot, forming groups of three or more identical bubbles, this will cause them to detach from the main group and burst. Periodically, frost will increase and freeze balls, use bombs to destroy them. Watch the scale at the top of the screen if it is full - the level is passed. The bombardment in the game Bubble Penguins is conducted continuously, try to pass the maximum levels.
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