Game Zombie Harvester Rush online

Game Zombie Harvester Rush

Game Zombie Harvester Rush online.

The sun rose over the farm, the farmer woke up to start work, today there is a cleaning on the field and he immediately went to the garage to sit down at the combine. On the way, he did not get any worker, and this alerted the hero. He got to the building and saw nearby one of the workers, the guy moved with a strange unsteady gait, and his face was disfigured with a terrible grin. Overnight something terrible happened and everyone living on the farm turned into a zombie except the owner. Cleaning is delayed, you have to deal with distraught workers, and to not turn into a wandering ghoul, sit on the wheel of the combine, a huge machine can cope with monsters. Do not get into an accident and periodically buy updates in the game Zombie Harvester Rush.