Game Stickman Fighter 3D: Fists Of Rage online

Game Stickman Fighter 3D: Fists Of Rage

Game Stickman Fighter 3D: Fists Of Rage online.

If you want to get a lot of the purest adrenaline-free blood, go to Stickman Fighter 3D: Fists Of Rage. Our hero is a stickman fighter. He has considerable experience in fighting in the ring, but if a fight is required not according to the rules, he will also be able to do that. The hero arrived in his hometown recently and realized that the streets are ruled by bandits, and law enforcement officers nervously smoke on the sidelines and cannot do anything. Especially cunning even help bandits and become their sixes, covering up illegal acts. Therefore, it is useless to contact the police, and the stickman was not going to. He was used to solving problems himself, and now his problem is safety and order in the city. Where his parents live and where he grew up. Help the guy to cope with the task, but it is not at all easy. Upon learning of his intentions, the entire bandit army decided to get rid of the noble fighter. But you can't retreat. First clear the street, military base, hospital and finally go to the port, where the lair of the mafia group is located.